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FEBRUARY 2, 2022

Tyler, Tyler, Tyler...

A 5 letter word but a powerful meaning. Tyler was our wedding planner for the Gatsby Gala, but to use the word wedding planner does not do the Justice. We were nervous about hiring a wedding planner because I’m a stickler and our vision was not easy to capture. While it may not be easy for others, Tyler is like no other. Our very first call he just listened to my vision from Indira’s Cran Grape fountain to our acrylic aisle. He didn’t take the opportunity to give us any of his opinions just listened and asked any questions for clarity. By the second meeting Tyler had created a entire Gatsby Gala Folder with every detail, pictures, and color scheme to match our vision which really showed me how much Tyler values his Eminent family. When it was time to meet with different vendors Tyler made sure to align us with vendors that met our energy, and our vision. Indira had a huge request of Tyler which was to be sure EVERY vendor was black, and Tyler delivered. Every vendor meeting Tyler was there and even when I wanted to go with certain vendors, he had no problem telling me NO. That’s the beauty of having a planner like Tyler; When he says something you trust him. Whenever someone asked how wedding planning was going, we would reply “GREAT”! Because Tyler carried the weight of any if any stress on his shoulder never to let it affect his Eminent family. In terms of our wedding, Tyler & his team did not come to play. He made sure that the Bridal & Groom suite had our favorite juices and snacks. He made sure that I had a customized Gatsby Gala itinerary in the bridal suite with photos from our engagement shoot and our detailed wedding schedule. Though his focus was to make sure we were comfortable he did an amazing job in ensuring our bridesmaids and groomsmen felt comfortable as well. Tyler and his team supported us through our entire wedding day to ensure we were calm and relaxed. After the wedding, they packed up our suits to ensure by the end of the wedding when we were ready to go, we didn’t even have to worry. Tyler went above & beyond to even provide his Eminent Touch on the wedding that was such a beautiful surprise. Eminent Events prides themselves on meeting the unconquerable. We hope our wedding video reveals he did just what he said he would do.


-Indria + Ronald Jones- 

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