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Tyler J. Reid

          At the age of 14 before planning his 16th birthday party, Tyler knew his aspirations of becoming a professional planner but didn't quite grasp it until graduating from college. Since then, he has been the "go-to" for all of his family events; formal and informal. Tyler's goal in the planning industry is to become a mainstream celebrity wedding and event planner, Hosting all types of events from Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, Quinceañeras, Album Release Parties, and other social and formal events.

I was at a young age when I realized that philanthropist, Nelson Mandela was my birthday twin. Instantly, I began to research the leader and tailor my life around his meaning to continue his legacy. My favorite Quote from him is "A Winner is a Dreamer who never gives up." I want to be the winner who brings the "Unconquerable" to every event I am fortunate enough to plan.  


          Tyler currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and his greatest joy is being an inspirational mentor to youth throughout his community. He challenges his youth groups to "Name It, Claim It, & Go Get It." which means to dream, have faith, and prosper. In addition, Tyler truly enjoys opportunities to meet new people and gather with friends and family. Any opportunity that contributes to his youth is an opportunity worthwhile, he desires to be in the "know" of all things that are in.


          Before Tyler established his wedding & event planning company, he stood on a prophecy that the company he envisioned would strive to plan events that would captivate the diversity of every event's environment. Because of his creativity, he was sure he wanted his company to embody the mission of "Meeting the Unconquerable". He believed the founding of this company would inspire individuals to scout and hire planners based off expertise, experience, and tenure in the planning industry. Because of this, he envisioned his company to coordinate the most memorable and unconquerable events possible, while assuring you would be the guest at your own event.

          Mr. Reid's aspirations to be amongst the most experienced event planners has encouraged him to attend QC Event School with hopes to gain the certifications that would grant him the rights and privileges of an IWEP (International Wedding and Event Professional) which would not only increase his knowledge of event and wedding planning, but would provide current and potential clients the reassurance that he is a trusted, trained, and educated professional when considering him to become your event planner. As a QC graduate, Tyler has become more of a seasoned planning professional who is more eager to display his company's talents to his clients and to the world (Internationally, of course).

Are Weddings & Events your thing? We'd love to give you a shot at starting your career. Helping young people reach their unlimited potential is what we strive to do. We certainly offer internship opportunities, administrative assistant positions, temporary employment, and more. If you have what it takes, send us your resume today via email



If you know me, you know that I’m an all-time “family man” as I love enjoying and spending time with my family. I honestly believe there’s no family like mine. This may be cliché but my family sticks together, we’re very welcoming, and you’d better believe we’re going to have a gathering for every holiday! 


Romance is my middle name! I’m up to speed on all things romantic, I never take the easy road in gifting, recognizing, or awarding people. I’m bound to make a tear come from your eye! I challenge myself to think outside the box in a creative way. I believe in going big or going home, I will never back down from a challenge to highlight someone or something in a major way!


I’m a huge extrovert! I really enjoy meeting new people and the nuances that make them unique! I take on every opportunity for spending time with my friends as I never take friendships for granted. It’s guaranteed to be a time worthwhile with us! I believe friends are put in everyone's lives to better them in some way, shape, or form. I welcome new friends with open arms! 

This may catch you by surprise, but for quite some time, I've wanted to own a Jeep Wrangler and I can finally say that I own one of my own! I’m a proud Jeeper! I'm also a part of a dynamic jeep club called Atl jeep life where we gather to participate in ride outs, conduct community service opportunities, and have fun together with the jeeper family.


When in doubt, you can catch me learning one of the latest dance craves to embrace my youthful spirit. You can believe I’m up to date on the latest trending dances and am always up for stepping in front of the camera to show off my moves. I've been fortunate enough to work with kids and teens from the ages of 6 to 18 and they've taught me all I know about Tik-Tok. I am a true Boys & Girls Club advocate!

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questions are meant to be answered? Ask away! I AM AT YOUR SERVICE.

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